Thursday, April 21, 2011

Reconnecting with old friends

This weekend we're having guests come to the house (family) for Easter. I HAD TO clean out the guest room. Mainly because it is hard to sleep on a bed with 14 boxes sitting on it. Nevertheless, I decided to tackle the closet at the same time. It's a big closet, with a little door (never understood that), so it's hard to get access. We've not gotten to the point yet where we have put the big doors on it like the other closets.

So many projects, so little time - or energy.

Anyway, I wanted to gain access to a box of books I was just POSITIVE was in the bottom of that closet. Got that new bookcase ya know, need some books for it. Sadly, the books weren't nearly as impressive as I remember.

But I did find in the bottom of the closet a large tub full of childhood memories!

A few weeks back, I told you about "Mr. Bear". He was one of my favorite childhood toys, and was a gift to me when I was born. (That makes him slightly under 28 if you're doing the math) ;) My stuffed animals were some of my best friends. I had about 20 favorite animals and we would make forts on the front porch out of the porch swing and a blanket, or we'd play tea in my bedroom. The were also good to make a protective "monster barrier" around me before I went to sleep.

It was strange how they all seemed to jump out of bed by morning.


I had kept a bag of my 8-10 favorites as I got older. I just couldn't bear to toss them (ala Toy Story), but yet, what do you do with your stuffed bear when you're 22 years old? I had kept the bag in my utility room with the intentions of "doing something" with it, and instead a dog we owned at the time decided it'd be a great thing to chew up, so most of the cherished stuffed friends, had to go to the garbage.

One toy in particular was spared.


Meet Scooter.

I loved that silly dog for some reason. He could take a beating and still be firm. I could sit my dolls on his back, or even sit on his back myself. He made a great neck pillow and he tucked up under my arm nicely.

Something happened though, I had a little boy of my own and for some reason, he too fell in love with old Scooter. Except he didn't call him Scooter, he named him something else - Sparky I think (our dalmation's name was sparky). He slept with him almost every single night, Scooter tucked up under his arm too.

It was a few years before Seth outgrew Scooter too, and it was too much for me to get rid of him. So in true Toy Story fashion, he was put in a box "forever". Or maybe "furever".

It was a fun trip down memory lane thinking about those old memories.


Just don't do the math. I'll do it for you.. it says "Lana is 28". yeah. It does.


Anonymous said...

Your blog makes me laugh every time I visit. No matter how crappy a day I'm having, I know a visit to your world will have me laughing in no time.

Mz-Cellaneous said...

Thank you pink scrappy.. that makes me feel good!

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