Friday, April 8, 2011



We have 2 cats. Mack, the eldest, is a fraidy cat and is happiest sleeping in his chair (the friggin most expensive cat bed ever!) or under my feet begging for rubbins.

The other cat, Jingles, aka, Pain in my a$$, is fairly happy doing things like sleeping under the cover or laying on my desk begging for rubbins. When he was a fairly young cat, he picked up a nasty habit of darting out the door and shooting up a tree looking down laughing his best cat laugh at whomever was trying to get him down.

It was annoying.

In fact, after a while I just started saying "screw it" and let him come inside whenever he came in. It's kind of like the baby "dropsie" game. Baby throws a bottle on the floor. Mamma picks it up. Baby laughs. Baby throws a bottle on the floor. Mamma picks it up. Baby laughs. Baby throws a bottle on the floor. Mamma picks it up. Baby laughs.


Somehow, people not chasing after him so he could "laugh" seemed to break him.

But regardless, we had to get a collar and a tag that told the finder to please send this little pain the arse home.

Almost 4 years ago, we moved to this house, and that little tag never got changed to the new address or phone number. So even if someone found this big ball of fat fur that would take over their house, eat all their expensive cat food and then insist on barfing up half of it, they couldn't *send him home*.

So, to do the potential finder a favor, I ordered a new tag off of etsy.

Her tags said things like "I'm Midnight, here's my phone number" blah blah. I told them to NOT put "I'm Jingles" put "I'm LOST" - because if he's not here, he's definitely "lost".

If you want to get philosphical, aren't we "all lost"?

So the tag comes, Tanner puts it on for me, just in time it seems as someone decided to make a break for it on a sunny day last weekend. Tanner's screen blew out of his window and apparently that was the break he was looking for. When I went out looking for him, he was pacing back and forth under Tanner's window begging to get back in.

Interesting turn of events.
So.... Who's laughing NOW fatso?


gowestferalwoman said...

taunting cats now are we? Ah desperate times for desperate measures...

They drive us all mad, but they need us for our opposable thumbs...

Mz-Cellaneous said...

I know Feral woman... I need to taunt SOMEONE and you won't let me. *sigh* ;)

M!ssPr!ssy said...

te-he... your's hurls half his food tooooo. Mine does that too and I'm trying to figure out what he does that for?

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