Monday, October 18, 2010

Good News - weather forecasting via caterpillar


It's pretty technical stuff ya know? Forecasting the future with a caterpillar anyway.

So the deal is, that the wider the black stripe on a caterpillar, the longer the winter. So imagine my excitement when I keep seeing just orange caterpillars. So far, fall has backed me up on this concept, it's kinda like the nemisis of last winter for sure.

Sadly, reports are coming in from all over of solid black caterpillars. I choose to ignore those reports as nothing more than bold gossip.


Queen Snarfy said...

Yes, but at least you live in MO where the winters can't be that bad. You might get, what, 6 inches of snow in a bad storm? I look forward (?) to 3 ft on the level in a warm winter. Yup, I live in the North Pole. ;)

Queen Snarfy said...

Santa Claus is my neighbor. :P

Mz-Cellaneous said...

Last winter I had snow so deep it literally almost covered my car! I couldn't get it out for about 2 months. LOL. No really. I had 5' drifts at one point.

Last winter sucked.

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