Thursday, October 28, 2010

Thursday inspiration

I wanted to add a little feature here to the blog, something that I can do on a regular basis. It helps both me and you. You, possibly see some inspirational eye-candy, and me, well, it keeps me looking for new and exciting things and not being too complacent.

Inspiration Thursday!
(I totally need a more inspired name then that)

A collection of interesting photos, or links, or WHATEVER has my mojo rockin' this week.

Like A Prayer

Isn't this light just to die for? I don't see many images like this inside churches. I have a church wedding in December, I'm going to be watching.


Uh yeah. I love this mainly because of that trailer. I want a little camper so bad! But otherwise, this photo is full of awesome. I think I went to high school with her?


Alice in Waterland

I wanna make a 24"x36" canvas of this random person and hang her on my living room wall. I'd tell ppl that it was me, before "the operation".

Lee & Jemma's Wedding 1 181-1-0

Awesome cool fake bokeh.
you don't get to say that sentence very often.

Check out this beautiful wedding by Ben Godkin. It's on a paddle boat. Yeah, that'd be awesome. I'm married 2 years now, and I'm already re-designing my wedding in my head. I'm thinking awesome 5th anniversary party???

And since I'm redesigning a wedding in my head, my photographer would for SURE be the incredible Mr. James Rubio. Gene has already been informed we're redoing our vows in Hawaii on our 10th anniversary. Mainly so James can take our photos. Hope he's not like a trillion bucks by then! ;)


Queen Snarfy said...

Wow! Those are some freaky cool photos! Hey! How about Freaky Cool Thursday?!

LisaDay said...

Maybe you can book him now.


gowestferalwoman said...

Its amazing how digital photography has taken off, bringing art into peoples home that includes their special moments in time! And they didnt have to sit for hours and days with a portrait painter!

BCraftie said...

I'm glad someone else is already redesigning their wedding for an anniversary party. I could do a different themed wedding every year or to save my marriage every 2 years!

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