Monday, October 18, 2010

Yes, I live

Sorry I've not been much of an updater lately, the reason is I have shoots every couple days, weddings every weekend, and trying to edit between those moments.

Here's a quick run down of my life:

  • Had a wedding again on Saturday, they were awesome sweet couple and one of the few grooms that'll get out there and really rock it on the dance floor. That was so fun to see and photograph. I took a trillion reception pictures, but I don't care, it was actually kinda fun. (I get bored of dance photos after a couple hours btw)

  • At said wedding, met up with one of my former brides too (they are good friends), and we're going to do a trash the dress! Yeehaww! I'm so excited. First off, I felt like we didn't get enough shots because it was just sooooo hottttt that day. Hottest day this year by far. Second, she seriously could be a supermodel (and he's not too shabby himself lol) so I think the pics will be beautiful.

  • I'm probably going to have to start holding back pics and share them through the winter. I imagine everyone is getting tired of seeing "sneak peek" in every 3rd title.

  • I had a bridal fair yesterday here in town. It actually was pretty good. Good sized crowd, lots of new vendors and I had a huge influx of traffic to my site last night. I have a good feeling about 5-6 of the brides. If that happens, I'll be nearly booked solid next year.

  • We finally got the last bit of the pool emptied yesterday. It's been "empty" for over a month. But it's hard to get the last 2 inches of water out. I walked in this disqusting muck trying to get it out of the pool. We all only yelled at each other 43 times.

  • I haven't had my nails done for so long that the acrylic has almost grown off of them. Which is good because I don't have to soak, but bad because they look like ass. I told Gene last night I'm thinking about going to get a mani-pedi today. He asked me how much, I said "Oh around $200" (fib). He choked.. then said it was ok, go do it. (aww). I then said "you know, I was informing you, not asking." Then he choked again.

  • Despite giving away 5 dozen eggs yesterday to misc ppl, I still have 15 dozen in my fridge! Anyone need to buy eggs? No I'm serious! Email me if you'd like some farm fresh eggs, $1.50 a dozen which is half the price of walmart for something similar.

  • I'm cold.

  • I still have a cold.

  • Taking Gene to a Dr. appt in Kansas City again today. It's been about 3 years he's had this bad reaction to a chemical used in all the stuff he's exposed to at work. He's officially allergic and it's never curable until he quits. He's not really into the concept of working 80 hours a week to make the same amount of money, so he stays ... for now. In the meantime, he gets steriod shots in the rear every few months. He whines about it too... loudly.

  • My house looks like a small explosion went off. I'm tired of cleaning. I'm kinda half serious when I say I'm ready to hire someone to come in and clean for me, of course they'd probably quit the SECOND time they show up and see we have undone pretty much everything they did.

  • I can't believe I'm about to say this, but I think I'm ready for winter. I need to rest.

Do you regret asking how I am now?

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LisaDay said...

Ready for winter. We had snow flurries this morning, which made me realize I am not ready for winter.


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