Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This post is full of lies


I'm not sure exactly why I've worked so hard to deny the inevitable.

Fall has a firm grasp on Missouri, and winter is licking at our heels. As I sit here today, the sun is shiny sporadically through clouds that are dabbling from east to west, it's 50 degrees (11c) and the wind is reminding me that the vent on my microwave/stove hood is annoyingly loose. My windows are creaking, reminding me that they still need replaced and anything less than 40 pounds is flying around my yard.

One week.

That's it. No that's a lie. Just 5 days.

5 days until October is over and it's time to start thinking about "the holidays" and all the while I'm still thinking about the pool, and warm breezes and the sun still kissing my face.

The flip flop tan lines on my feet are gone.


That's not completely true either. I'm also still thinking about the 3 engagement shoots that I have in the next 3 days and how they all want fall leaves, and how the wind is probably blowing away all the good ones. I'm sure those with huge trees and tons of raking are cheering, and their neighbors are probably cussing.

I'm not ready to succumb. I'm going down with a fight. I'm wearing flip flops still, but with socks. (Well, only at the house.... don't wanna embarass my kid in public more than usual.) I'm wearing my summer makeup, and my favorite summer shirt that really doesn't look great on me, but is uber comfy.

That's all kind of a lie too... I've lost my fight. All I really want to do is to curl up in a ball with Jingles, under my fluffy winter comforter (where he is right now, and I am not), and sleep until May 15.

Please don't poke the sleeping bear.


LisaDay said...

I have given up the fight as well. I have acknowledged summer is over. I hope you survived the storm.


gowestferalwoman said...

woool socks. down vest. a stylish touk. fuzzy lined mittens... and lots and lots of peppermint schnapps, unless your a baptist then its peppermint candy in hot chocolate...

but then hibernation has its good points too!

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