Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I'm old.. your old.. Everybody's OLD. Let's buy old stuff.


After the antique bug gets you, and you find numerous great deals that you can't pass up, and your house is full, and you keep eyeballing your storage unit... well, you have three options.

1. Build a bigger house
2. Keep your house but become a hoarder
3. Start selling antiques.

I kinda like the idea of #1. If everyone that reads this would send me $1.00 to my house fund, I'd have like $8.00. You know, less the cost of paypal fees. Meaning: I'd own paypal 57 cents.

Number two is a slippery slope. I have days where I wonder if I'm a hoarder and fantasize about a garage to put my stuff. Then that's when I realize that I really need to just do #3.

Now when Gene does something, he likes to go big. His FIRST IDEA, was to get an antique store. Yes. An *entire store*. He even went so far as to talk to an antique store owner that he knew was going out of business and looking for someone to take it over. Said store is over an hour away. The thing is, I've done the whole craft/antique mall once in my life, and I ended up hating it. I have not forgotten how I feel about retail.

It sucks.

Oh, I liked the people (most of them), but the money was awful and the hours were worse. Both easily my own fault. I didn't actually start making much money until I "rented" a both to myself and started making crafts to put in my own booth. I paid rent and commission like all the other renters.. There were many months before that, that the renters made more money that month than I did.

So to say I was dragging my heels was an understatement. I let him make his phone calls, and crunch his numbers, but at the end of the day it wasn't going to matter because I was NOT going to run 2 businesses at the same time.

Sorry dear.

Finally, about a month ago we compromised and rented a booth in an antique mall. He dragged his feet on it. Felt like he wouldn't make much money. I'm willing to take that risk. I feel much better being out nothing but a couple hundred bucks and some time, as opposed to say, $100k and a bank loan.

Yeah, notsomuch.

So my point is, we have a booth at Jesse James antique mall now! Yay! We've already sold quite a bit of goodies. If you love antiques, stop by #112 and throw cash at me. It makes me happy. I need to be happy - oh, and I need the space, my dining room table is full :p


LisaDay said...

Good luck clearing off your dining room table.


Tracy said...

Good luck on your new endevour.
Mind you I did like option #1 ;)

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