Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Moooove over


If you've been here more than a week, you probably have already figured out I have some sort of weird fascination with cows. I'm not exactly sure why, my parents never had cows, or even one cow.

My grandfather on the other hand had cows. Not a lot, nothing like a cattle rancher or anything, but it was enough to call it a herd. My parents house used to sit on a single acre, surrounded by a barbed wire fence. On the north is a small wooded area that my cousin and I would disappear into and play like winnie the pooh and piglet for entire days.

On the other side, was a field owned by my grandparents where he kept the cattle. Sometimes, they would come very close to the fence for the "good stuff". You know, that saying "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" comes from instances just like that. I would never get close enough to touch one because the fact remains that I'm still kinda scare of cows. I suppose it's too many stories of mean momma cows protecting their calves or angry bulls bucking off wirey cowboys.

When I was about 9 or 10, I was riding down the road on my bike, going somewhere for some reason I have no idea, and I saw a cow laying in a field. I thought she looked weird but didn't think much else of it until I came back by about 15 minutes later and saw a little baby calf right in the spot where momma was laying moments before. It was the first time I'd ever seen a REALLY newborn calf. I remember being so excited to tell my family and getting a "umm... ok?" kinda response.

The truth is, I have this overwhelming urge to hug a cow, but it's weird, I've never as much as touched a cow my whole life... and I'm literally surrounded by thousands of cows from many different farms miles around me.

Yesterday, Gene took the day off of work, and we both went on an engagement shoot I had in Nebraska City. The groom is local, the bride is from Omaha, and they are getting married here. She wanted something to represent herself and where she grew up, so we went to Arbor Day farms.

On the way, we needed to run an errand at a house out in the country.

NOTE: Never follow directions that tomtom gives you instead of the directions the owner of the house gives you. Especially in Missouri where maintaining rural roads is marked as "optional". Let's just say, it was cool having a jeep for once.

In the meantime, while heading back to the highway, oh, and readjusting my internal organs, I spotted some cows, under a pretty fall tree, alone on a hill in the middle of nowhere Missouri (there's a lot of those places around here btw).

I made Gene back up and after he nearly ran me over (no really, it was run backwards or take a nosedive into a ditch.. wth?), I used the step to get me high enough to get a few shots off of some pretty cows.

I want to kiss them but I'm scared.


More pics of the actual engagement shoot coming soon. After I recover from anxiety from being nearly ran over by my own husband.

I'm sure he was trying to make it look like an accident.


dpalnud78 said...

Your writing is awesome. I have an overwhelming feeling to always eat cows so I can kind of relate. :P

Tracy said...

My sister helps her neighbour take care of his cows. She has helped with the birth of over 10 calves.
I think it would be neat to see, not help though

LisaDay said...

dpalnud78 comments made me laugh out loud.

I say go ahead and hug – and kiss - that cow.


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