Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wish granted - Poof. It's fall.

Lori and Michael were married on a beautiful fall day a couple weeks ago. The weather was perfect, it wasn't windy. It wasn't cold. It wasn't raining. Perfect.

Only one problem.... there weren't many fall leaves yet. In fact, we could only find one fall tree.

Today I happened across this tutorial, and decided that I'd make those fall leave dreams come true for Lori and Michael.



In other news:
Today I was told I wasn't "anything special", and while they weren't referring to my photograhy skills in particular it sure brings up all those things that you think about yourself at times, and the things you suspect that your peers think about you to start with.

I know I'm not a "special special snowflake", and I'm perfectly ok with that. But I am a human, with feelings. So what am I to do right? I could have hair flipped, or told them all to eff off - which I certainly considered. Instead... I just bitched to my one true photography friend, cried on my husband's shoulder, vowed to step back into reality just a bit and then went and worked on the above photo.

And I thought about this girl:



She didn't care that I hadn't won any "major awards" or haven't written a book, or that I don't offer workshops to aspiring photographers. Nope, all she cares about is beautiful photos. I dare say, that me being at her wedding was probably one of the biggest expenses of the day, and that flatters me more any day than some $250k platinum wedding.

You know why?

Because percentage wise, I was more important to *her*, than the most expensive wedding photographer in the world showing up at Chelsea Clinton's wedding, or the daughter of an oil tycoon, or a billionare daddy's precious snowflake little girl's big day at the Ritz. Guess what? That doesn't mean her day wasn't just as important, and she wasn't just as beautiful (if not more). Everyone deserves to have that day, and to be treated with respect.



Lee Ann said...

Awesome fall change! And, you go! You're special in your own right. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

Mz-Cellaneous said...

Thank you Lee Ann!
You are very kind!

gowestferalwoman said...

you are special - theres only one you in the whole wide world. And your photography is amazing - people pay money to have YOU take their pictures because they love your talent...and you care for your family a millionfolds in everything you do, and it shows.

Now get back up on that pony and ride*, Lana!

*after my girls would fall off their ponies, they knew thats what I would say. And I still say it today, to them, and myself, and now you! when sometimes the ride gets a little rough in life!

the Goodwife said...

Some folks are just plain rude, and you are a "special, special snowflake" because all snowflakes are special in their own unique way. God bless ya!

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