Monday, November 1, 2010

This is how homecoming rolls here in flyover country

Because "Anatomy of a Small Town Parade" is, for some odd reason, one of my most popular blog posts, I decided that I must share a few favorite shots with you from Homecoming this year.

We have 2 big parades here in town every year. The first one linked above, is our county fair parade, and this one, is distinctly different - it's the local university's homecoming parade. You won't see a bunch of antique tractors, or the moila guys driving tiny dirt bikes, but you will see a whole lot of fraternities and sororities that take tissue and chicken wire pretty seriously.


My little sister Torrie called me and wanted to meet up to watch the parade together (with my niece Tayen). I didn't figure I'd see her very long, since we had things to do, and Tanner was at the beginning of the parade with the local high school band. Mom and Torries girlfriend came, and try the best I could, I couldn't keep a good spot open for everyone, in the end, we stood almost the whole parade.

I did it in sketcher's shape up shoes.

Torrie did it in pointy toes and high heels.

Holding a 2.5 year old.

Yeah, she's still young. Let's see what she can do in 10 years. Hmmpft.


Bobby Bearcat led the parade... of COURSE. NWMSU's mascot is the bearcat and Bobby is darn near legendary. He gets to ride on the firetruck at the very beginning. Hopefully he had hearing protection since they tend to let the kids run the sirens in such situations.


I had a big belly laugh when I saw that the Mayer of Maryville had his own black clad, earbuds, talking to your wrist secret service detail. I was relieved that our "first lady" wasn't wearing a pink suit with a matching pillbox hat.

Especially driving right under the book depository:


OK, so it's really just the upstairs to the old clothing store.
But still.

Northwest has a.... a..... a what?... you're kidding me...


Rock the heck on! How often do you see that? And srsly, how redneck awesome is this? Yeah, defcon awesome #5

Finally, after 37 bands, 46 hours and two bloody stumps called "my feet", Tanner's band shows up:


Of course, as usual, I'm not in the right place to catch the trumpets so I RUN right in front of the band to get a good shot.


I like your feather's Tanner. You look good in boa.


He's now like 9 feet tall and 93 pounds. I keep trying to explain to my husband that it's ok if Tanner eats 13 rice crispy treats before he has a t-bone for dinner. Someday he'll understand. You'd think he'd remember his own youth - like 67 years ago.

Anyway, this is the FIRST TIME I've seen Tanner in his uniform. Everytime I see him, they are wearing something else. I'm gonna tell you the truth. I was pretty proud of him! Man he's grown up so much, and looks like a small version of an adult.

I love this kid.


Hi Tanner! Waves back!
I won't tell anyone that you're not supposed to wave at your mom during the parade. I promise.




Dharma said...

sniff, cute is it that he waved at you? I have my own 9 ft 6 inch 130 lb jerk.....I feel the same way Mom ;)

gowestferalwoman said...

Aww...He loves mom; thats sweet!

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