Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A weekend at the lodge

Like I reported last week, my husband turned the big five-OH!

I wanted to do something special for him, but not buy a big "thing" that would sit around the house. I'm trying to focus a little more on "experiences" vs "material objects". Last month we went to a cool little town, Nebraska City, to do a shoot at Arbor Day Farms. I never knew how cool this place was and once we saw Lied Lodge, I knew I wanted to stay there.


I booked weeks in advance, and made dinner reservations there at the lodge. November is past the pretty part of the season (all the fall leaves) but it's still quite beautiful there. Neb City also is full of cool shopping and antique stores so we were in heaven.


There's a million and eight details there that remind you that this is the home of Arbor Day. That trees really do mean something here. The lodge has quotes all around the walls in huge letters, there are quotes over the fireplace and wood is everywhere.



The entry is GRAND. One of the most beautiful entries to a hotel I've ever seen. Huge, yet comfy and cozy.



The rooms are cozy too, and very simply decorated. Mainly just with wood - we had a log column right in the middle of our room.


There's also rooms overlooking the park - but get the orchard side, I made a mistake and got the park side, so we got to overlook the parking lot!

When we were checking in, they made the mistake of saying "wine tasting" later that day, and we were so in! There's a lot to see at the park, they have a tree adventure, a ride that you can take a tour, etc. But we were most interested in that dang wine. lol We dressed up for dinner and went down early. There are many places in the lobby to just hang out and rest including a huge beautiful fireplace.



I LOVE the apple wine. It's sweet and my favorite wine I've had yet. Gene fell in love with the Seval Blanc (which more dry) and we somehow ended up with 4 bottles. It's those magic words that got me...

"20% off"

We took 2 home, and took 2 bottles with us to dinner, so needless to say, we were slightly toasted.

Ok, maybe more like burnt toasted. We hung out by the fireplace for nearly an hour sipping on wine.


Dinner was great. We both had roasted chicken with arugula which was YUMMY. Gene won't stop talking about it so now I have to come up with a roasted arugula recipe. The restaurant is very nice, I would call it a 3.5-4 star, but pretty reasonable priced. Our 2 meals were only $40.

We talked and laughed for an hour, and luckily they weren't busy so I didn't feel bad taking up a table. Which you know, means more apple wine.


Here Gene illustrates what happens if you drink a whole bottle of Serval Blanc. No, he didn't really pass out in the hallway, but I'm sure the neighbors were tired of our giggling.

The best part of the evening, was when Gene said "Oh hey I have something for you. This is a thank you gift" and hands me a little baggie. In it was this brooch:


I had seen it a few times in a local antique store and oohed and ahhed over it. He snuck off and bought it whilst I was still shopping.

He's sneaky in a good way.

Well, I hope only in a good way.

If you are in the midwest, and want an inexpensive weekend trip, go here!


LisaDay said...

What a great weekend. Happy Birthday.


Dharma said...

I am now in love with Gene. The hall pic and the brooch sealed it. LOL

An Authentic Life said...

Over visiting from An Authentic Life.
I enjoy your blog.


An Authentic Life said...

Visiting from An Authentic Life, fellow member.

I am loving your photography (also a passion of mine!)


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