Sunday, November 21, 2010

The eagle has landed

No really... he has.


Something felt just "right" in the air today and I had a feeling I'd see a bald eagle - so I watched for one and lo and behold, there he was! Just sittin' there, soaking up the sun that wasn't. We did a U-turn, came back and parked along side the road.


He, however, was not cool with that so he took off...


and I panned, and took a bunch of blurry pictures.


He came to rest on a nearby tree surveying the river. I assume for trout or something.
Or a dead skunk.

Yeah I'm out.


the Goodwife said...

They are so beautiful! I like the last picture.......he's sitting there all fluffed up and makes me think you ruffled his feathers by taking his pic!

Tillie said...

WOW - amazing captures!!

LisaDay said...

Fantastic. Those are fantastic birds.


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