Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Clayton Austin - Review

Alternate title to this post:
"When good things happen to beautiful, awesome, wonderful people - No I was talking about me." but that was too long. :p

Something happened to me the other day. I followed the link, of a link of a link and I rediscovered a website of a great photographer. I'd been there before, but it was a quick visit and I didn't take time to read and absorb. This time I did and I realized that not only is Mr. Clayton Austin a beautiful photographer, but also an incredible writer.

I spent over an hour reading old posts and scouring over old photos.

Clayton is very well known for his artistic photos of his piano with couples in love. This fall, he went as far as to drag it all over the midwest and west to incredible locations. One single shoot at every stop.

As a thank you to his readers, he recently had a giveaway - title a photo he took of his piano. I decided I'd give it a shot. "10 words or less, describe this photo" he said. All I could think, was that I was going to write a 10 word poem (couldn't let one word go to waste). I got out some scratch paper, scribbled the first few words that came to me, try to make a rhyme and came up with this: "“Music laps at tender souls, pulling closer it’s watery strolls.”

Hit submit and forgot it.

Imagine my surprise when about a week later I'm reading his blog again, and see my name jump off the page!

I actually won a large canvas of this photo!!


He wrote, looking for my address, and I requested that he sign it, which was probably a pain in the rear for him if he was going to just drop ship it, but he did that too.

My Grandma passed away last week, and her funeral was Monday. I said to myself over the weekend, "wouldn't it be nice if I came home to my canvas being there?"


And it was almost like Clayton read my mind. Monday it came and today I hung it up. Just as a reminder that good things happen too.


{Thanks for the signature Clayton!}

Even to fabulous people.
You know... like me. ;)

To see some of MY photography work, visit!

In somewhat related news:
I won a contest with Orscheln's! Well kind of. I entered my baby robin photo in their nature photography contest in September. I didn't win the grand prize - which for the record was a huge expensive gun cabinet (lol), however, I did make the calendar (Miss May) and I will get a $100 gift card.

So, how many things can I buy for everyone for Christmas at Orschelns? Everyone is getting a bag of chicken feed! wooo


Lee Ann said...

That canvas print is so cool!

the Goodwife said...

Congrats on your winnings! God does seem to know what we need when we need it. I'm glad you found a reason to smile after the loss of your grandma

gowestferalwoman said...

oh thats a nice print!!! and a nice surprise to give you a little smile :)

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