Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wait.. you're not my MOMMA!


The Robins family has set up shop for the second time this summer already. It's still early and I wonder if she'll eek out a 3rd set of eggs for the year. One little guy is already hatched and ready for dinner. I have no idea what the 0ther two are waiting around for.

Maybe they know something I don't know.


Katie said...

Wow, that photo is amazing!!

Cactus Creek said...

this picture is amazing...

Tracy said...

What an awesome photo.
We have a second hatching of eggs up here this year as well.
Tell Gene to try and plant the berries under some trees. They grow better there, at least the ones here do

gowestferalwoman said...

Pretty contrast! now, do you have any worms?

Tillie said...

wow - you are an amazing photographer...I love this shot!

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