Monday, July 5, 2010

"When I grow tired of the noises you make.. you shall DIE!"

I admit it. I pretty much need to be entertained 24/7.

If I'm not ribbing Gene and poking fun at him, I'm cracking off jokes to me, myself and I just so I can garner a belly laugh of some sort.

I will resort to belches and armpit noises if necessary.

Why yes, I am a 12-year-old boy, why do you ask?

However, on a more civilized note....
(why are you laughing at that??)
I have been entertained lately by a couple birds of a different feather.


We have a couple little hummingbirds that come to feed at our front window. I find it so amusing that something the size of my thumb is so damn disagreeable and fiesty. They are not friends. They go all out battle over the feeder.

Sadly I am slow, and I can only catch them when they are sitting still.



Or hovering.

I have money on the ruby throated hummingbird. He looks pissed.

The other feathered friend?

Well duh....


We let them out to free range sometimes around an hour before their "bedtime". I pull up a drink and a lawn chair to watch them march around the yard.

The best part is when one gets a worm, or a bug, or even a blade of grass and someone comes running full speed ahead to see what they might missing out on.

Yes, I have a low delight level, why do you ask?

You know what?


Chicken butt!

{I told you I was a child}


I kinda wanna pick them up and kiss their faces.

But why do they keep trying to peck my eyes out?

PS - who knows the movie quoted in the title of this post?? It's obscure, and my husband quotes it when I poking him to make him entertain me.


Nicc79 said...


Great Blog!

Stopping by your from the SITS and now following you blog

xx said...

Those photos of the hummingbirds were beautiful!! I have to show those to my mom, she loves hummingbirds.
Stopping by from SITS!

Tillie said...

Beautiful! I love hummingbirds...they are my favorite.

Esther - TTBM said...


Stopping by from SITS and following you :)

Traci said...

Stopping by from SITS :) Your post made me laugh, because we say "Guess What?....Chicken butt!" all the time in our house...but we add on "Fried in grease, wanna piece?" Yes, a houseful of 12-yr-olds here...

Lara said...

I'm pretty sure I would be delighted by your hummingbirds and chickens, too. I wish I could have chickens.

Maybe if I put up a hummingbird feeder I can fill the need.

Kristina and Scott Churchill said...

Love the bird pictures!

I just posted, something about my crazy swallows. Love your site will return!

Come and take a look at mine, my fellow Sits friend!!!

gowestferalwoman said...

Your bird photos make me want to pull up a lawn chair and a cold one and then tell you all my moving problems. then you can give me advice using chicken metaphors while pointing vaguely in their direction and then I'll agree and then everything will be right in the world...for a brief moment.

ok, I go back to packing

LisaDay said...

Those are fantastic hummingbird shots. I bet if you tried to pick up the hummers and kiss them they would do more then peck your eyes out.


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