Monday, July 5, 2010

Good news.. Gene is still alive!

You know, I was sure I'd have Gene buried in my crawl space by now, but whodathunkit? We're actually having a great time!

That's not true...
I'd bury him in the back 40 under some soybeans so he wouldn't stink up the house.

I kid! The truth is, we usually do have a great time together.

My birthday was last week. I'm old. Yessir. For my birthday we went to Weston antiquing. If you are not familiar with Weston, Missouri, you should give it a shot when you are in the area. It's a cute little town, nestled in some bluffs. It's known for it's bed and breakfasts and tons of antique stores. The recession is a bit hard on them right now, I know they are trying hard.

We did discover the neatest store! It's called Cactus Creek and is owned by a Texan named Fancy. Lord how perfect of a name for an ornery lookin' Texas gal? Both herself, and her shop were very nice.

I took photos to show you! She let me! I forgot my CF card at home!
I are a profezzional fotografer.

In the meantime, check out her website, it's chocked full of cool decorating ideas for cowboy couture. It's a blog that she updates daily so visit often.

We walked away with a couple little cowboy/cattle napkins that I'm going to make some curtains for in my kitchen. After some deep thought and contemplation, we ended up going back to get some cowboy movie posters. I love them.

Later that evening, I dragged Gene to see Toy Story 3, where we ate popcorn so salty that it burned my mouth. There's $27 I'll never see again. Basically, we couldn't eat it, and they said "too bad so sad". In the future, I will smuggle in my own treats.

So there.

Thursday morning, Gene had a doctors follow up visit from his surgery. He's doing well but I'll be honest. He's pretty pissed off that he's an outtie belly button right now. he never had a REAL BB to start with, I called it a belly divet.

I told him that worst case scenerio, we'll put him on the circus freak show circuit.

After we got done, we kind of did a spur of the moment trip down south and went to southern Missouri for 3.5 days. So that's why I've been so quiet :p We hit every antique store between here and Branson.

*I have so much crap it's unbelievable*

I'll share pics soon.

{a re-enactment}

The first 2 nights, we spent at Holiday Inn in Springfield. It was very nice. Something I ALWAYS ask for, is the highest floor possible. The clerk commented that most ppl ask for the lower floors, and I said that mom always did because she was scared of a fire. I said "what are the odds of that anyway right?"

7 minutes later, an alarm went off and we were all asked to vacate the building.

No lie.

I totally jinxed myself!

The last night, we spent in Branson on a whim.

Note: Priceline's version of a 2 star hotel, and my version of a 2 star hotel are completely different. This is how I ended up in a Howard Johnson, with no wifi (until I had a fit and we got moved), looking out the window a couple times making sure my car was still there.

However I did have this cool view in the morning:


I had to crawl to the balcony since my back was out of place in 34 places sleeping on a bag of gravel.

No more 2 star hotels.

We hit a couple little antique stores in Hollister, Mo (please don't bother, blech), and up side to that little side trip was that we got to see this little gal:


I miss my ducks.

The fog was beautiful, I captured this shot:


Then we came home to 20 healthy chickens, 2 cats that were hungry and a dead mouse on my kitchen floor.

I guess I should under feed them more often.

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LisaDay said...

If they ate the mouse they would have been less hungry.

The fog pic is fantastic.


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