Thursday, July 22, 2010

Got any cheeeeeeeeese?

Let's see.

Hated the dirty pen. Check.
Loved the baby robin. Check.

Wonder what reaction I'll get to this one.


Tanner caught it as he ran across the YARD. Like, middle of the day, middle of the yard. *NOT COOL*

However, once I looked into the tub, and saw it's little wee eyes, it made me think of Pepper so it got a reprieve and was sent to live in the cornfield across the road, which means NOTHING, it'll be back in 8.7 seconds.

Here's Gene's imitation of the mouse: (insert Oliver Twist voice) "Oh thank you ma'am for letting me live, I promise to only spawn 11,000 offspring instead of 12,000."

I'm way too soft.


LisaDay said...

If they want to spawn 11,000 babies and they all stay outside, I am good with that.


The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi, just another Missouri blogger here who wanted to let you know I stopped by. Love your photos, your cat looks a bit like mine! We love our furball, but if she ever saw a mouse she would probably just play with it. Hopefully, I'll never find out since she's strictly a house cat!

I'll be back to visit again!

gowestferalwoman said...

i just bought a havaheart trap for little chipmunks that are ruining the sale-ability of my front yard. Its hard when they taunt you.

So have you ever seen what your chickens would do to this lil' guy? its not pretty...think "zombie chickens vs unmighty mouse" :o

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