Friday, July 23, 2010

Giddy up and head over yonder....

Remember me talking about Cactus Creek the other day? Yes you do! Remember, it's the cute little western/cowboy/rustic/vintage shop owned by an adorable lil' Texan named Fancy.

BTW, whenever I say "Fancy" now, my (almost) 16yo says "FANN-ceh" in a fake southern drawl. Because we don't actually have a southern drawl. Because we're NOT FROM THE SOUTH. (pet peeve - carry on)

It's also my newest favorite southern lady name. "FANN-ceh".

ANYWAY, I've friended Fancy and her pages on facebook, and follow her blog. It's VERY interesting and informative. Well, I get a call yesterday from her asking if it was ok if she featured my pics on her blog and in her newsletter. (She checked out my photos after seeing the baby robin.)

Well.. DUH!

So today it comes out. It's so cool seeing what other people pick as their favorite photos. So you should go check it out! While you're there, subscribe to her newsletter. It's so INTERESTING and I wonder how this mom of 3 boys, store owner, blogger extraordinare finds the time for everything!

Thanks Fancy!

Which has again brought up the question I keep asking myself, and that's if I should be selling some nature photos - favorites. I'm thinking canvases and prints. Am I crazy?

(beyond the normal crazy anyway)


gowestferalwoman said...

ok. thanks. my visa card just groaned and I heard it all the way from downstrs, muffled in the wallet in my purse..."must. not. shop.nooooooo!"

Congrats, but you cant be surprised, you are an excellent photographer! And go Gene umbrella man! He be singing your praises even when you are not in the room :)

IMO I like canvas prints myself; then you have the option of fancy-ing it up with a frame or just leaving it as is for a contemporary, artsy look. I would think your shots also have mass appeal, as in greeting card companies :)i would be drawn to buying a card(S) with your shots on them - They invoke an emotion, and its good!

Dharma said...

Go for it, I'm with FeralWoman though, I did the canvas dealies too :) Your shots are gorgeous, if I was a sneakier more thieving type I'd swipe a bunch....but I'd be just as happy to purchase a few :)

Cactus Creek said...

i know a little store in Weston MO that would LOVE to carry some of your photography... ;)

thanks for the shout out!!!! smooches, FANN-ceh

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