Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Out with the old!

Sometime in May, we got a big bee in our bonnet and made the unfortunate mistake of walking into a furniture store.

Bees, Bonnets and new furniture rarely mix. Bad stuff happens.

Before you knew it, we were sitting down with swatches and picking out color combinations, and plunking down a deposit with a promise of new furniture in 6-8 weeks.

Great! That gives us 6-8 weeks to ditch the old couch and loveseat. And when I say "ditch" I lovingly mean, "find a new lovely adoptive home to take in our wayward furniture".


As the date loomed fastly approached, I started to get desperate. I had listed them on a local online classified. No luck. Always an email, never a bridesmaid.

Wait. Always a bridesmaid never a couch.

Something like that.

Then I paid almost $20 for a classified in the newspaper that garnered exactly nothing. My "profit margin" was being slowly eaten away.

Did you know there's a profit margin in used furniture?

Yeah me neither.


I did the online classified again with a few nibbles but no commitment. Poor couches were getting a downright complex.

We were literally getting it ready to go into the shed, wrapped in plastic, to save for our upcoming garage sale (see the excitement in my voice?) when I got an email saying that she wanted it, and she'd be there that day.


So my sad and lonely lil' set found a new home. In a way it was kinda sad to see it go, it was the first furniture Gene and I bought together - even tho it was slightly used when we got it.

Tuesday afternoon, the new dog is in town. It just worked out that it came when my mother and father in law were there to visit.

They didn't mind sitting on carboard boxes in the meantime.


It's big, and still small. Comfy and cat colored.

The funny part is, it wasn't what I ordered! When I went to look at it, I said "it's lovely, but it's wrong."

The look of panic on his face was discernible. It was supposed to be cream with brown trim. Secretly, I was happy, because after I ordered it, I was worried that the trim would shift over time and would look wavy.

I sit on enough "stuff" that's wavy, I didn't need a wavy couch too.

Reordering was discussed. 6-8 weeks.

I suggested an "appearance allowance" and before you know it, the price got smaller. So in the end, I got the couch I probably should have bought in the first place, for less money. And that, my friend, is why I wonder if God doesn't look over this little NW Missouri fool.


The loveseat became a "chair and ottoman" and it seems so strange how these to simple things can change the entire feel of a room. These little things have finally started to take this house and turn it into *our* home.


erinlou80 said...

LOVE your fabric on your chair!

erinlou80 said...

LOVE your fabric on your new chair!

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