Tuesday, November 30, 2010

*Tap tap tap* this thing on?

I know you've been missing me. Stop crying, it'll be ok, I'm here now!! ;)

This past week has been kinda hectic and apparently I needed a bit of a blog break. Here's a super catchup post for you.


1. Turkey day at mom's last weekend, and then in Kansas City with Gene's side of the family. I made monkey brains. (whole head of cauliflower with cream of mushroom soup and cheese on top). My Bro-in-law, an eternal 12 year old, dubbed it monkey brains.

2. Black friday shopping with mom. It's like a tradition. She's admitted that BF is like, one of her favorite days of the year, and this is apparently hereditary. No, I don't need to go to BF, but I like a bargain, and I also like the hustle and bustle. Having said that, I shop at probably the most polite, clean, well mannered staff Walmart in the world. No really. I bought a lot of goodies, (um, for myself even oops) and find out today I'm going to have to give Gene his big gift today because he needs it for work.

3. This carving of a buzzard on a barn totally faked me out. I now know for a fact, I need to be wearing my contacts.

4. Amber (my sister) and I have been planning for months now, a trip where we go scrapbooking. This weekend we took all our crap and went to Des Moines, hit some stores, and then rented a decent hotel room and scrapped away. However we are apparently old because we only were able to stay up until 11:30 pm. We pushed our beds against the walls and moved the desk in between them. Yeah, our room was mad.

Oh, and cricut machines don't work without the power cord. Just so you know. Improvision is good.

5. I came home to a clean house (no REALLY!) and a stack of presents wrapped for MEEEEE! I'm going to leave more often.

6. It's snowing and snow sucks. I hate you go away. OK maybe that was too harsh. I dislike you greatly, now buy me a ticket please to Florida, so *I* can go away. Kthxbai

Not pictured: Been working like a dog on photos trying to get stuff out for customers so they can get their last Christmas print orders in. Sometimes I have to drag myself to do it and hate it every moment, but lately I've been seriously in the mood to edit photos and design albums, so this is why you've been seeing me less. I need to run with it before the moment is gone. ;)

Today: Working on more pics. Catching up on emails, forcing myself to take recycling to town that I forgot yesterday because it's eating my utility room, feed the chickens some warm eggs because it's cold for me inside, it's gotta suck out there.

Oh, and share some pics here.

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LisaDay said...

A stack of presents. Yah.


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