Saturday, November 13, 2010

I HAVE to _______________________:


{This horse has nothing to do with this post. I just like the photo :P}

I HAVE to:

  1. Touch every photo I share or print
  2. wear liquid eyeliner. It's all I know and I don't feel right without it.
  3. sleep with socks on.
  4. sleep on my back or right side only.
  5. Read Postsecret every Sunday morning.
  6. Kiss jingles every day. W
  7. Wear flip flops well past the date of acceptability
  8. Pick a cool thing to make for EVERYONE for Christmas every year.
  9. Thank each and every one of you for all the wonderful comments about my Grandma. You are kind wonderful people. Also, thank you so much for the new followers (please share your blog so I can follow you back!). I will be leaving comments for everyone soon. My world has been in a bit of an upheaval the past couple months, so I'm behind on all my commenting.

  10. ... go to bed! I have droopy eyes.


Tracy said...

I do miss your comments on my blog.
Hope you are doing well.
That picture of the horse is sooo beautiful.

You sleep with your socks on?!? LOL

gowestferalwoman said...

I wanna hop on his back like a teenager... but for some reason i know I would be soaking wet while attempting that lol

liquid eyeliner? Now I know what to get you for christmas giggle!

go to bed, you need to rest; you have been very very busy the last 3 months!

the Goodwife said...

That is a gorgeous picture!

the Goodwife said...

Oh yeah, I sleep with socks on in the winter..........and nothing else! I can't sleep if my feet are cold! LOL

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