Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thursday Sparks - Frankenpups and "scary" monsters

A week ago, I was on etsy looking for something or the other, and this little face popped up on the main page...


Margie, and old fashioned robot dog looked at me. *she looked at me* She then said "Love me, take me home, I won't pee on your floor like other dogs (and some cats)." And so like a moth to a flame, I was sucked into Reclaim2fame's shop. Just like that.


From Reclaim2Fame's bio:
"Will W has been a professional artist since 1972. Starting in visual merchandizing management with a major midwest retail chain, he learned at an early age to turn anything into something else. An interior design degree was next at Harrington Institute in Chicago

1980 was the beginning of a successful mural painting business, creating wonderful walls for prestigious residences and major corporations in cities across the country.

In 1993 he opened a very experimental storefront on Miami Beach where he twisted all manner of found materials into new usable objects and fine art. A couple of years later the concept expanded to The Miami Design District. That larger workshop and gallery showcased over a dozen artist's work in reclamation art. Furnishings of all types, home accessories and fine art were displayed. Everything in the gallery was made of at least 80% recycled materials.

Those two stores are long gone but not the passion for reclamation art. Now living on the Gulf Coast of Florida, he feels like he might just be getting started. Etsy has opened a new world of possibilities for this well seasoned artist.

Mickey G is Will's mother. She is a retired hairstylist and a very active senior. It appears that Mickey can sew anything. A few years ago she started to make teddy bears out of recycled fur coats. These very coveted bears and her other fashion and home accessories will be showcased here whenever they become available. As I said... she is a busy bee, we will beg her for more pieces. "


There's more than just one or 2 tin doggies tho, there are many many more pieces. I'm in love with the concept of recycling these pieces from stuff that probably would be in the landfill. But moreso, I'm in love with the way that Will has captured that perfect face giving each piece a little bit of life. You fully expect one to turn it's head and bark.

I'm wondering when Pixar will be calling.


You also have to meet Nora the Mini Monster by MonstersEtc. An etsy store from Israel. A couple months ago, I was looking for a special Christmas gift and wanting something "different". I happened across this little monster and fell in love with it for myself.

Even shipping is a steal at $3.00 (they must have a tightly run PO over there)


I used to make miniature bears, so I can appreciate the art of the mini. It's difficult to pack personality into a small space (although I do it every day with myself personally. ;)

It takes a special talent to make a face that has life, and speaks to you. I think both above artists have accomplished that task!

PS - I changed the name. "Thursday Inspiration" was not very inspired. I like "Thursday Sparks" much better. A way to spark you up, get your juices flowing to get you through the hump to the weekend!


gowestferalwoman said...

great. I think thats how my potential hoarding started - giving life to non-animated items...;p

they are stinkin' cute though!

Cara said...

Those are adorable!

Tracy said...

I think my grandma had those canisters.
They are adorable.

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