Monday, November 22, 2010

My crappy life *fingers crossed*

When I was 10, I ran into this lucky streak for a couple years.

Yes I said YEARS.

It started with a bike, and then the next summer, I won ANOTHER bike. There were several small misc things in there I won too, which my aged brain doesn't let me remember nowadays. Because of this, I was deemed "the lucky one" and family members even started putting my name down for entries in hopes it would boost their chances of winning.

Around the time that I just started getting a little cocky and "ASSumed" I'd win something, was around the time that rug got yanked. Darn near crushed my pea pickin' heart.

So anyway, lately it feels like some sort of streak is coming back this direction. The other day I got a call. I'd entered a contest with Orscheln's Farm and Home. We'd been in a couple months ago and I saw one small little xeroxed flyer on the counter for "nature photography contest". Grand prize winner? A gun safe.


Hey, I can always use a safe the size of a toddler and 3 rottweilers!

I entered about 6 photos and checked back. No phone call, no win. whoa is me. However, when the phone rang the other day and a lady said she was from Orscheln's, she had my attention. It seems that I did win after all!

I was featured in their calendar and won a gift card!


It came a couple days ago. My cute little robin pic made it!

In other news, some soon to be famous photographer we all know (psst.. I think that's me) will be featured on the front page of Wedding Chicks blog. It's only like, one of the top wedding blogs in the whole US of A!

Get out!

Now that I'm onto this whole "karma" thing, I'm going to just assume that the rest of my life will be crap, then maybe good things will keep happening.


the Goodwife said...


sufolks said...

Oh good for you, Congrats! Last year our local Pamida had a contest for a free BBQ grill and to enter you had to buy a 6 pak of Snapple Tea. Every time my husband when to town he brought back more tea. We were swimming in the stuff, but we did win the grill. Yay!
Window On The Prairie

Flat Creek Farm said...

Congratulations!! Love our Orscheln store.. I'll be lookin' for your purty picture in the calendar! -Tammy

LisaDay said...

Congrats on both. What a great pic.


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