Friday, July 29, 2011

Bailey's senior photos - Marilyn Inspired

I'm workin' ovah 'ere. (that was done in my best Italian accent.


Kinda did some different kind of stuff for Bailey's senior photos. You can check them out over here. There are a LOT of Marilyn Monroe inspired photos.


geek details said...

I love this one. I don't know her but I'd totally hang it on my wall with my other Alicey themed stuff.

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Those (and the ones on your other blog (?)) (I'm allowed to use multiple parenthesis in blogville, right? Are so neat! Very pretty photos in and of themselves but such an interesting idea!

Nakia said...

I love love LOVE LOVE LOVE this set of photos.... And for that matter, all your photos. my morning routine is to jump on blogger and see what you've posted. I wish you were closer to Maine so I could have you come take photos with meeeee! One of these days!

You're Amazing... *So Jealous!*

p.s- Bailey and Morgan, are GORGEOUS! GREAT JOB BY ALL!

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