Monday, July 11, 2011

Soooo.. I've kinda been busy.

In the past few days I've:
Shot a wedding - one of my best ever
Cleaned my house (which was pointless)
Shot a senior - can't wait to share, she drove an hour and half just for me
Drove to St. Joseph ...... twice

Came home once with this:



Well, not that.




I see you doing the math in your head.

For those that have been following along all these years, yep, there's a new 4th granddaughter that we never had the opportunity to meet before, her name is Bailey.
Long story.

There is a whole hierarchy shift. There is drama. There is some Lana therapy, and Lana threats of holyterrorifyoudon'tgotosleep! There was even a lost tooth.

But mainly there is lots of swimming, watching movies, pestering the cat, and getting a little too sunburnt. Oops. I forget sunscreen.

More tomorrow, I have to share some photos. I'm getting backed up! So much awesome raining down around here.


LisaDay said...

You SHOT a senior? Is that allowed where you live?


gowestferalwoman said...

I know I have wanted to shoot a senior once envious..

Ok, like if that one pool photo with gene and all his great get - the one that has that family resembleness thang' going on bigtime - that one should have a title ~ and I think it should be called...

wait for it!


"the gene pool"

(*feral woman ducks and fills up her wineglass at the same time...*)

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh wow! So big news over here! Congrats on the extra grand kid!

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