Wednesday, July 20, 2011

It. is. aliiiiiiiiive!

Sooooo, I've kinda had some issues this past week. The biggest being the fact that I had no internet access for 8 days. Yeah, I was having some DT's. After lots of swearing and calling Century Link every name under the book. Customer "service"? Notsomuch.

Lied to repeatedly. Yes please!

The best thing to happen was have a "supervisor" treat me poorly. Once I spoke to his boss, everything was fixed within 24 hours. Fancy that.

Anyway, since I missed so much time, I am going to give you the quick run down of life at the Cease Fire Ranch this past week. You'll get a really good grasp of how boring I really am :p
-If it couldn't get more sucktacular, my central air can't keep up with the heat. Hoping that's all it is because my A/C hasn't shut off hardly at all for days. :/ Even with being topped off on freon. Apparently A/C guys are scarce. Kinda hard to get one to show up! In the meantime, my light bill will probably hit a record high.

-Shot a wedding on Saturday for the daughter of Gene's co-worker. It was hotter than hades and I was secretly estatic she didn't want to do any pics outside.
-Broke up about 328 kid fights.

Invited a friend to spend the night. Like 4 girls wasn't enough. Mack was in his own personal hell.

Lost a tooth. The first one ever. She talks now with a lisp. Grandpa paid her $2 for the tooth. I think he's hell bent on keeping it. (how do I insert a befuddled look here?) Shortly before this (like 3 minutes) I had to break up a fight and have a therapy session. It was a very exciting 10 minutes.

Adorable cat alert!

-Have a chicken that's gone broody. That means she's going to sit on a clutch of eggs come hell or high water and dammit you better not touch them. I did anyway because I wanted a head count. My apologies to the 3 that were sacrificed before I figured out she was broody. Don't think there won't be chicken updates.

Set off fireworks. Grandpa completely sucked the fun out of it. Sometimes he's way too bossy.

A Canuck showed up at my house. Actually, a "honorary" Canuck. (he married a Canadian and lives there). This is Michael, my husband's middle son. We've not seen him in around 4 years. He wanted to come back for his class reunion and made a vacation out of it.

Took pictures of a cute girl to finish out my series of little grandgirls hanging on my wall. Figured out she's a camera ham.

-Speaking of pics of cute girls. I took more shots of Bailey (the senior, not the grandchild) on Tuesday night. Super awesome Marilyn Monroe inspired shoot. More of those pics coming soon.

-Sent a clutch of small children on their way to their grandma's house in Arkansas. They should be there now. Miss them, but enjoying my clean carpets and peacefulness too.

I think that should catch us up. I feel kind of reluctant to tag this post with "the good life" because I've had stress headaches for 2 weeks now.

Now to return to our regularly scheduled programming. I have a trash to treasure to share tomorrow!


gowestferalwoman said...

omgosh, she is a photo ham - I bet that was a fun shoot!

Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

"The best thing to happen was have a "supervisor" treat me poorly."

It's sad when the best thing is to be treated poorly. I do miss when customer service really was customer service.

Very nice pictures!

I don't understand the sacrifice of the three eggs though? I get that the chicken didn't want you messing with them, but what happened to them?

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