Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Bovine in the mist

Just up the road from me, is a herd of cattle. On one side there are red ones, and on the other there are black ones, that's as technical as I can get when it comes to describing cows. If you've read my blog more than 7 minutes, you know that I kinda have a love affair with cows.

Once in a great while on my way home from a shoot there will be this pretty fog that covers the bottoms that we live in. There's a sweet spot in the light where it's almost gone, but not completely. To me, the cows look almost magical peeking in and out of the mist.

Saturday, on our way home from a wedding - exhausted from standing/moving/walking/crouching/carrying a 10 pound camera all day, I spotted the cows once again in the mist and said "wow, look at that!"

Gene, without complaining, pulls over and lets me go get all my equipment out for a shot.

Bovine in the mist

I'm working on the pefect shot, but feel like I did "ok" for a first try.

Canon 5d
iso 1600
1/30 of a second
handheld because I didn't have the adapter for my tripod.

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