Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Slugbug anyone?

about a year ago, volkswagen put out a series of commercials that was a throwback to the "slug bug" game. You know, see a beetle, punch a friend. Tanner decided he was going to start playing "red one".... "Green one". I frankly wasn't cool with that since I have no idea what car is a VW unless it's a beetle.

Cuz you you know, I'm a girl.

I explained the old rules (or just one rule at the time) to Tanner. "See a beetle, punch a friend".

It kinda caught on.

It took a little nudging, but I got Gene in on the act, and before you know it we'd just be sitting there chatting in the car and someone would say "SLUG BUG!" and you'd get thwapped. Sometimes hard.

So here we are, a year later and the rules of slug bug have developed on their own.

1. It's called slug bug, not punch buggy as the word "buggy" makes me irrationally angry. Don't ask, I don't know why either.
2. First one to call it gets the point.
3. Ties each get a point.
4. Miscall a slug bug (DAMN HHRs ... GRRR) and lose 2 points!
5. Convertibles are 2 points.
6. Vintage beetles are 2 points.

Of course, Gene sometimes makes up rules as he goes, like you have to call the color too, or that the first one to 10 wins. But mainly he tries to get a couple bonus points because he has to drive.

Never works.

Recently on our trip to Minnesota we came up with rule #7.

7. Vintage convertibles are 3 points!

I proclaimed that this will be rare and is the holy grail.
Less than an hour later, Tanner slug bugs me for 3 points.


I missed a photo, but the NEXT DAY, Gene spots one while out and about.
I got slug bugged again.

Damn rule.


As I walked past the owners of this beetle, I informed them that this was a 3 pointer. They were all "uhh.. that's *nice*".

Some people just can't appreciate a fine slugger.

Who else plays slug bug?


Anonymous said...

My mom slugs HARD lol!! It's fun to just randomly yell SLUG BUG and get to punch the person next to you

wholarmor said...

We don't slug, but we call bugs, Jeeps, PT Cruisers, Top on/Top off(convertible). Also mini coops and smart cars. Pink ones and yellow ones are worth two points.

Anonymous said...

Haha! We played slug bug all the time when I was younger. We were so competitive about it. We had to make up a rule that once the car was turned off, the game is officially over or else the only thing we would focus on is the game! Fun post :)

LisaDay said...

I used to with my younger brother. I think it was likely banned in the car as it got quite violent and painful. We called it something else though.


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