Friday, June 3, 2011

Massive Minneapolis

Sooooo... I've been working on this post for 2 days. I finally decide the best way to share was to just get it out all at one time. So hang on to yer britches, you're in for a bunch of photos. I will let the photos tell most of the stories for you.

Sorrys and stuffs.

Why Minneapolis?
No reason. Just something to do, something I've never seen before. Surprisingly, it's not really all that far of a drive. I never realized how close we are to MN.

We left Saturday afternoon after Tanner got off work. Left at 1:30 p.m., got there around 8:30, and that was with several stops. Some to take photos. ;)

Northern Iowa/Southern MN was WINDY. I was fascinated by all the farmhouses that had a barrier of trees between the house and the rest of the world.

Day 2:

We also went to a huge Ikea. It's only the second time I've ever been in one my entire life.

No really.

Very cool place, and we enjoyed it more than we did Mall of America.
Mall of America is just.... a really big mall. With a dinky amusement park in the middle that's overpriced.

Day 3 started like this:

I was very frustrated with the MN dept of Tourism. Usually on trips like this, I just roll into town, pick up the state tourism book and start picking out cool stuff.

Nope.. not with MN. So basically, we let TomTom tell us where to go.

St. Capital:

St. Paul's Cathedral:

Raspberry Island:

Science Museum:
Very much geared towards kids, but was still interesting. They acted shocked when we said we WEREN'T interested in tickets to King Tut display. Like Wha!?

Yeah, not really worth the extra $60 to see dead people.

(tornado machine - like Missouri really needs one of those. We do fine thankyouverymuch)

The downside to letting TomTom lead the way, is sometimes you end up where you don't expect to. We wanted to see whatever "St. Anthony Falls" was, and ended up here:

Good thing that I insisted we drive down to some nearby park to just check it out. Turns out that TomTom has a great sense of humor. There's a man made waterfall on the Mississippi, and a beautiful stone arch bridge that crosses it. It was long and many people were crossing it as it's part of a park, plus it has beautiful riverside views.

Gene's a dud, and just decided to sit in the car. Later we drove down to the bottom of the bridge.

They didn't like him all that much. It's ok, you're not the first mr. goose.

There were other things like the geocaching, the mamma goose, red lobster, swimming, and rain. Lots of rain.

Overall, I give the trip a solid 7 out of 10 possible points. More research before I went would have made it more exciting. On the other hand, it's MN, so I'm not sure exactly how exciting it gets up there in Minn A Sooota.

Whew.. done. Now I can move on to more important things like chickens, frogs and babies!


LisaDay said...

Double D Elk?

What a great trip.

Nice to see the photographer made it into some pics.


Jessie K said...

I grew up 35 min from MSP on the WI side of things. MOA became a bit of a bore after you realize you can't possibly get to all of the stores in one day and still shop, plus the prices seemed a bit higher there than a regular mall. :P I loved looking at all the pics and recognizing places!

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