Monday, June 20, 2011

You will be hungry by the end of this post. Promise.

Friday, Gene had a doctors appointment in the morning. No worries, he still has that cob up his butt. :p

Anyway, so I suggested that he just take the whole day off and after the dr. appt since he'd be missing a half of a day anyway. It doesn't take much to talk him into vacation time.

We just so happened to have a couple groupons that I bought this winter set to expire soon so we decided we'd be eating fancy. Date day!

This is the Missouri River as it looked on Friday, if you are wondering about how we're doing, most of us are ok unless living along the river. (I don't) It's a mess, I'll leave it at that.

Our first stop making it into the city was Michael Smith's downtown.

It looks a little unassuming from the outside, but the inside is full of pretty light. This is important if you're a photographer... or care about light I guess. :p Beautiful and simple decor. I really liked the place. We did not feel crowded at all.

We started with appetizers and I had the soft spanish tacos. They are braised chicken, fresh avocado, manchego cheese, oregano and spanish olive with red pepper salsa. I ordered an extra so we could each have 2. Very good, and you could almost eat that for a meal itself. I'm glad I shared.

Gene got the torn romaine salad with garlic anchovy vinaigrette and parmesan croutons. It looked great, even with the anchovies. He said it was one of the better salads he's ever had.

I'll not be offended by that statement.

Here's the BEST PART. I decided to live dangerously and eat something I normally would not order. It's kind of fun to try out new things, even if they sound odd as you never know what you'll love.

For me Friday, that was braised rabbit. It is made with potato gnocchi, shiitake mushrooms and shaved parmesan. I have to tell you, that this is probably the most tasty thing I've ever eaten in my WHOLE life!

So happy I don't work there.


I had it with a glass of Leitz Riesling which was very good. I should have bought a bottle while I was there, because now I can't find it!

Gene ordered the pan roasted wild striped bass with peanut potatoes, sauteed spinach guanciale & red wine reduction. He also took this photo himself so this is why the focus is off. LOL. (he's still learning).

I tried it myself and for someone that does not like fish, I could totally eat this. It was delicious. (not as good as my rabbit. Sorry bass).

No great meal is complete (and over stuffed) without dessert!

Gene got the dark chocolate torte, and I can't remember what mine was called. It was a strawberry gelatin on a dark chocolate layer with champagne sorbet. This was the only part of the meal I didn't love. I didn't realize it was dark chocolate, and I'm just not a dark chocolate fan.

Please don't take away my girl card.

I went to the restroom before leaving and had to share with you the sink in the ladies room. The water drained behind the mirror. Very unique.

Over the men's restroom was a huge wine cellar I noticed as I waited for Gene.

I love you riesling. I'll visit you soon!

{Insert 5 hours of antique shopping and 1/2 hour of scrapbook shopping.}

Next meal was at Webster House. A very old, former school house, now turned antique store and restaurant. {FYI I didn't even know about the antiques}

I'm going to be up front. Both Gene and I felt like we were "sized up" as we came in for our reservation. I especially noticed it when the hostesses walked away to talk about us as they were deciding where to seat us... which was in the bar. The bartender was our waitress and she couldn't keep up with her whole 2 tables she had to cover.

I was NOT impressed as we were crammed in with all the bar people, and 4-5 other tables in a room that was not overly large, while in the next room, only one group was there.

Gene had the Pan-Seared Colorado Striped Bass with Fresh Corn, Mission Figs, Crispy Spanish Chorizo, Mache, Chipotle Vinaigrette. I'm just now realizing, he had bass twice on the same day.

What's wrong with that guy?

It was the chorizo that sold him. He said it was good, but not as good as the earlier bass.

I had the Cavatelli Pasta Verdure with chicken. {Leeks, Zucchini, Haricot Verts, Fresh Spinach, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Parmigiano Reggiano, Lemon}. It was quite good and very filling. I had to take about half of it home and we shared it for lunch the next day.

I think what impressed me the most, was their bathroom. So of course, I took a photo. LOL.

Overall, consider the treatment we received, I doubt I'll go back there again. Michael Smith's however, will name a table after me when I die.

We then rolled to our car and drove our bloated selves home.

It was a fun day trip, in a city we've been to a thousand times, but saw things (and ate them) that we'd never seen before.

Day trips rock.

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