Friday, June 10, 2011

My sickly green thumb


As someone who's gone from a decidedly brown thumb, to someone with a lightly tinged green thumb, I look at my wee little garden once in a while and say "hells yeah!" I seem to have mastered anything that is purple. Why? No idea, but my salvia is doing so well, I pretend that I'm a salvia expert.

Truth is, knowing my luck it probably would grow well in a rock. But regardless, I still feel good about it.


See? This purple "thing" is doing so well. Just wish I could remember what the heck it was.


This purple thing was part of the pound of wildflower seeds I threw out in April. It's the ONLY THING that grew. See? I told you I was good at purple.

Sadly it was only 2 plants out of a potential 25,000.

They probably should have given me more purple stuff.


It's not just purple though. This little tree seesm to be doing pretty well - considering.

Considering it sits in a corner and doesn't get much attention. It's doubled in size in 2 years - which means it's now TWO feet tall. At this rate, I'll have a 10' tree just in time to celebrate my 60th birthday.

(And everyone knows I'm just 28 now.)

It's not all glory though:


My poor impatiens.

Poor, sad imatiens. Or as I prefer to call them, my impatients. To be fair, I actually bought these plants LAST YEAR. Yes, I bought an annual last spring. I potted a few and set them on my kitchen counter where they lived all winter. They even blooomed a little. This spring I transplanted them to the outside garden and they didn't fair so well.

I prefer the indoors too.

They are kind of ugly, but fighting to live. Someone doesn't seem to mind much though....


I had a little visitor the other day, and didn't even notice until I'd stood there beside him for several minutes.


He appreciated the shower.

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