Monday, June 13, 2011

Fully supporting a behemoth TV

Gene and I really enjoy (for the most part) home improvement projects. Well, mainly the ones where we get to make pretty things. The ones where we (him) climb under the house for 5 consecutive weekends to replumb the house, yeah, those aren't all that fun.

However, in our excitement to create our little dream home here in small sky country, we sometime get our horses a little ahead of our cart. Meaning: Sometimes we buy our supplies long before we actually need them.

Case in point:

{please ignore the man behind the tv}

About 3 years ago, we purchased this antique buffet. We really liked it, and thought it would make a really awesome bathroom vanity for our master bath. Little did we know, we'd drag our feet for months years. What can I say? I'm really scared of tiling a shower. I feel very confident, I'm going to screw it up.

Out of sight out of mind right?

Well, this behemoth is a little hard to get "out of sight". For a year it sat in our dining room where it actually fit in quite well. Almost to the point where I thought of keeping it there for good. Then, we decided to build the library/bar and it had to go. So we did a little rearranging and it became our entertainment center for our behemoth TV.

I realize now, looking at the photo that it's a giant black hole up against that wall. oops.

While on vacation in MN, we went to Ikea. Yep... us lil' old rednecks don't get to them big ol' cities thar much.

While we were there, we found a simple and inexpensive mount for a televsion.... something else we'd put off since they are really expensive! $100 to hang my tv on the wall? What ever happen to a good old cup hook?

Saturday Gene and I got up early to go to garage sales. Actually, we HAD to get up early to take Tanner to work, but decided we should go to garage sales too. It pays to go early, I'm just saying.

One of our awesome finds was an antique buffet, Gene pretty much said sold without even confering with me. Our plan was to purchase it and put it in our booth at the antique mall. A threat of rain made us bring it in the house and that's when we realized that it was so much nicer than ours.

So we took it as a sign that we must rearrange everything we own (again) and make room for it.

{construction zone, please excuse the dust. Well, that's my excuse anyway}

And by golly, Gene also took a moment to hang the black behemoth on the wall.

Look! A horizontal surface to set things on. Ahhh... the possibilities.

The old black one will now go in our booth, and hopefully we'll break even on this whole deal. I'm not going to place any bets on that prospect though.


Jill/Twipply Skwood said...

Oh! I was so confused, but then I figured out - there's a picture I can't see! And if I try and click on the link that's there instead of a picture, it says the flickr is a private page. :-( I hope the swap works out though and you come out even!

Mz-Cellaneous said...

Hey Jill...
That happens sometimes. I think it's a glitch with flickr. you should be able to see it by hitting refresh+alt

gowestferalwoman said...

fancy buffet in the bedroom? what a neat idea! now I gotta find me one...

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