Monday, June 6, 2011

Oh they grow up so fast

I think the older I get, the faster that time seems to go. Two cases in point:


First off, the baby robins that were only born a month or so ago, are now gone. We went on vacation and when we returned the nest was empty. The apple tree was probably a good choice for mamma robin as I didn't go over there too much this year to harass them.

Don't worry, there'll be a second set soon. Gene caught some robins doing the horizontal tango in the front yard.


Case #2: Tanner is off to Upward Bound as of Sunday night. He'll spend half of is summer living in the dorms at the local university. On his weekends off, he'll spend most of that working his new job at the grocery store.

Wasn't it like 3 minutes ago he was a 4 foot little chubby guy carrying newspapers in the snow? Now he's pushing 5'8", thin as a rail (eats like a horse), and thinking about college.


He seems to be just FINE without his mamma. I had a shoot today at the college and could hear them all partying it up over the hill at their dorms.
I wanna join UB too. :/

Getting old sucks!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe the babies are gone already! Will we get to see pictures of the new ones?

My baby boy moves 3000 km away from me at the end of July. He's 20 and I'm trying not to lose it.

Please tell Tanner thanks for the idea about geocaching. I checked it out and it turns out, in my small town of 300 people, there are several hidden. I'm very excited to try to find them.

LisaDay said...

I hope Tanner has a great time. The pic from today's post of Gene hunting groundhogs made me laugh.


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