Saturday, June 25, 2011



You know, I think we did a-ok in the rooster department.

This is Rufus, or maybe it's Roofus. I mostly call him rooster, or Mooster like my niece Tayen does. He's pretty easy going, no pecking feet, toes, legs, arms or eyes - all good things. He crows, but not so much that it's annoying. He is protective of his girls (all 18 of them) and quick to break up any arguments - or maybe he's just running over to watch. (you know how guys are wanting to watch girls fight over them. sigh).

When he thinks he's found something interesting to eat, he makes a little gutteral noise in his throat and everyone comes running... he always lets them eat it first. ALWAYS. I know the noise so well, that even I go and look to see what's on the menu.

He just has one downfall... He can't help it that maybe he's a little rough in the horizontal Chicken Dance, he can't help it if he has really big....


I mean look at him...


What's a happenin' hot stuff.
{name that movie}

No wonder the girls crow over him... I mean.. swoon. They'd crow if girls could crow.

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