Monday, June 27, 2011

A bumper crop this year

I have apple trees. Exciting no? Except for the part were it literally took me like 2 years to figure out they were actual apple trees.


This is my ENTIRE crop of apples this year, and they are about the size of my big toe. (I have normal sized toes fyi). It seems a little disappointing, until you see this:


Right: The "mamma" tree growing apples. (which leans to the north because Iowa sucks. Ha.... I can say that because I grew up there)
Left: The "pappa" tree who donates the pollen to make toe sized apples happen.

I kind of imagine the pappa tree saying "Don't cut me down! I can do this, I swear!" Then the mamma tree says "gawd you are useless" (btdt)

I think I will celebrate their struggle and survival by making an apple pie. It'll be a pot pie sized sadly.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

So sorry about your apples, teehee.
Maybe you can make "a" tart ;)

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