Saturday, December 29, 2007

Here I come to .............

I had quite the little adventure the other day. Tanner has been goi ng to work with me this week because of Christmas vacation. Wednesday, Tanner and I left work a few min early so we could make a bank deposit.

I needed gas, so I decided to do that I'd do that before the deposit so I wouldn't have to back track. Good thing I did.

I pull up, get my card out leave the car running for heat for tanner (don't nag, I know the warnings). As I get out, I hear this yelling - I ignore it at first thought but it gets louder. I turn my head to see this woman hitting someone. At first, I think she's hitting her kid thinking "wow, what a horrible mother" (I do believe in spankings so my initial thought was not yer business), then I saw the other person go to the ground. I couldn't see at this point if it was man, woman or child as they had their hood up. The victim was clear down on the ground with hands over head and the aggressor was still yelling and now starting to kick.

Regardless of who it was, I knew it was out of line. Now, I start to move toward them and in my head I'm thinking, "why isn't anyone helping or doing anything?" "Am I going to get my ass kicked??" "This woman is a nutcase"

Then, she completely crossed the line with me. She had on knee high cream colored stilletto heeled boots. And she started kicking with her HEEL! Now, if you've seen any self defense ANYTHING for women, you know that this is one of the things they tell women to do to seriously damage an assailant (especially on the bridge of his foot).

I knew that she at that point could seriously injure, if not possibly kill her. So I yelled HEY really loud and walked up to her. That went well and I didn't get my butt kicked, but she kept kicking her. I walked right up to her and starting pushing her away. That gave the victim a min to get up off of the ground. It was a well dressed woman, about mid 20's (both around the same age).

Then I heard the ASSailant say "Bitch you better leave my car alone!" and I screamed at her, I don't remember what. She turned around and walked off to a cream/bronze trailblazer and got in on the passenger side. (so the driver had sat there and watched the whole thing, probably some slimey MAN). I say to the victim, "do you know THIS BITCH" (screaming loudly now at the woman as she leaves). She says yes.

So the girl gets up and I ask her if she's ok, then 2 guys from other cars appear (like they were much help before). One guy tells me "I didn't want to get involved, I thought it was a boyfriend/girlfriend thing". Umm.. ok.

She thinks she's ok, but she's rattled understandably. She then tells me that they are COWORKERS!! And that they both work at Wells Fargo!!! And that the cow that hit her was on her way to work! What the hell kind of person does that.

Now here's where I'm going to step in and say something that won't be popular. Both of these women were african american. The one that was getting beat seemed very polite and well spoken (for the 10 min we spent together), the other woman - well obvious stuff. Here's my personal statement. Don't complain about being stereotyped and "held to lower standards", when you ACT LIKE LOWER STANDARDS!! How she got a job at a bank with the attitude she obviously had, I'll never understand. The victim told me they'd been having problems at work, but she'd tried to smooth it over so they could keep their jobs. I hope the one chick got fired after the cops showed up at the bank.

Anyway, so I look down and this girls car has a HUGE dent in it. I asked her if the other woman did that, and she said yes she did. I asked her if she had a phone, to call 911, but she shows me her phone which is in pieces and her hands are shaking like crazy. So I go back to my car and realize Tanner saw the whole thing, and I was thankful he stayed in the car! Got my phone, called 911 and I was shook up at that point and couldn't remember the cross streets, but QT had already called it in.

The cops showed up, and I gave them my info and left. She was ok when I left.

I hope it all worked out.

It did answer a question for me tho, what would I do if in a "situation" Now I know.


KarenSue said...

I'm proud of you. and I'm sure your son is also.

Don't know if I would have had your courage.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I know what you mean and trust me I have some comments that alot of people dont like and think I am a racist for, however that is so far from the truth its not even funny. So many of my friends are black, gay, hispanic, you name it Ive got them... but its true.. There are so many people out there that go :its cuz im black innit!?" and no.. its not, its becaue you yourself are acting rudely and having such bad behaviour, thats why Im calling you out... its like.. theres a huge difference between people who are the "N" word and black people. and I wish they would see that its the same for all people. there are horrible white people, horrible hispanic people ect.. its not just them. its like.. I get it, you were slaves a long time ago, but we are here and now.. oh and by teh way, little known fact, there were white slaves also, not many but they were there and did exist.. but Im getting off track. I think its awsome for what you did, not alot of people would have had the balls to step in.. much like those who actually HAD balls at the scene... but yeah.

Dont feel ashamed for saying what you want on here, its YOUR blog, YOUR mind and YOUR thoughts... oh and Im pro-spanking too... I mean Im not gonna go hit a kid for no reason but if they are acting up and are out of control, Ill give my future kids a smack on the tush. anyways, bedtime.... church tomorrow
lots of love

Lana said...


Don't mistake "ppl won't like what I'm gonna say" with shame. I have no shame in having an opinion. I just don't want ppl up my butt about it. LOL.

I'm just saying, it's time that we as humans start holding ourselves to a higher standard. Don't live your stereotype, then bitch that you're stereotyped.

I'm just sayin'.


PS. those slaves were irish from what I understand.

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