Wednesday, December 26, 2007

OK, christmas doesn't suck.

OK I'm back. I had to take a break :) (obviously).

Holiday hectic-nick-ness (pun intended) got the best of me. No I do not hate Christmas.

A few notes:
1. Emma. It's hard to get in the spirit of xmas and snuggle with your man, when "your man" is covered in green fur. I won't say his name, but his initals are "The Grinch" :) He actually ended up doing quite well, as we got closer to christmas, the more "jolly" he got. He actually was caught on several occasions whistling christmas carols.
(his heart grew 3 sizes)

2. Amber. I'm sorry for freaking you out. You are off the hook for the xmas card lateness - lol. To rectify that egregious error, I put your pic on my fridge. And every one should know, I forgot to take amber her card cuz I left it at home. I didn't get it mailed cuz she moved. :)

3. I can't think of a 3. That's all I got.

Going to do my catch up 5-8 posts. LOL. It's easier for my noggin to think like that. You know it's time to update when you're writing blog posts in your HEAD!

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