Wednesday, December 26, 2007

we melted

If you didn't figure it out, we got electricity (and hot water .. yes there is a santa!) back on. Over all, I think we did really well, not much bickering going on. Tanner chose to stay here the whole time and I didn't really miss tv much. I caught myself thinking to turn it on, out of habit more than anything else. On the 3rd day, I ran a cord to the sb room so that I could organize.

Isn't it amazing how destruction can be beautiful at the same time? This was the tree in our front yard. We only have like 5 trees on 2 acres, so I'm really glad our biggest one made it. Most of them did.

Here's a view across one of our acres, the field and down to the neighbor's house. Kinda pretty - for being covered in ice.

This picture is for Emma. More ice then snow on top *big sarcastic yay!* For everyone else - if you're wondering who the hell Emma is, she's Gene's daughter in law (one of 2) and the poor dear is a canadian. ;) Don't fault her for that. She commented on these horrible ice storms up there and I realized, that arguing with a canadian over snow/ice, is like bringing a knife to a gun fight.

Not your wisest move.

Regardless, I'm gonna pull the "close second" card behind Emma. It still sucked. We were less prepared than the Canadians for bad weather, therefore it's worse. HA! I have her on that one ;)

OK, getting tired. I have more christmas and sb "fetish" updates I need to share later, plus some new years resolutions that I'm gonna toss out there and commit to. But for right now, I'm tired, gotta get up for work at 5:45. Dingbutt gets to sleep in, and do a job AT THE HOUSE at 8 a.m. then drag into the shop whenever he happens to show up. That kinda sucks (for me). But that is how I take care of him! I worked out that cherry deal today.


em666kitten said...

Less than prepared... man you gotta come up here when we have our first snow and truely see the stupidity of SOME Canadians... its like they have forgotten how to drive... but slowly they get better.

*Sighs* I know.. Im a Canadian.. and Im sorry, but hey look at it on the bright side, at least Im not an American! Woo!.... no smiles? none? not even a chuckle?.. ok... It was low i admit but hey I tried. But our Dollar is still higher than yours!!!.. yeah only slightly now but still... vengence is never pretty muahahahahaha.... ok Im gonna stop typing, I have food poisoning from something dinner guests last night brought over... and am not feeling too well and therefor am finding humor in really needless things.. haha Pepsi backwards is ispep... ok im going.. love ya

Lana said...

Emma... hah.. you make me laugh. Thanks for the smiles.

BTW, diet coke backwards is ekoc teid. I ispep is funnier.

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