Wednesday, December 26, 2007

It's Caturday!

Totally stole Caturday from Two Peas . But I have to show you some great cat photos. yes.... It's come to this.

Jingles with the new tree that Gene just randomly bought me... and gave me when he was mad at me LOL. It's ok, I was mad back. It's cute tho, I love it, it's made of feathers and the funny thing is, I looked at it early that day and thought to myself I'd like to have one. He must have read my wee noggin cuz he went clear back across the store to go back to get it.

Jingly-puff helping me organize my scrapbook room. For some reason, he has the SHAPE of a pizza down, but he's extra thick and doesn't fit.

Jingles in the sb room again, looking out at the new fallen snow - day before xmas.

Mack - thinking he's still a kitten and batting around a scrap punch in my sb room. He IS A KITTEN.

Note to self... more mack pictures.

Or less cat pictures.


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