Monday, December 10, 2007

Last post - ICE STORM

Last but not least.... we're in the middle of an ice storm. I have a feeling I will officially miss my first day of work.

Hmm.. wait I missed a day for the flood of Ought-Seven.

I tried to take some pics out the back door as not to bother gene (bedroom in front) but my camera is flash-tarded today and would not take and I was NOT GOING OUT IN THE RAIN, not with a digital.

Trying to post the pics. Now blogger is being slow-tarded. If they don't make it tonight, I'll update tomorrow.

I admit, it would be nice to stay home (especially if there's no work to be had anyway). Sit around, eat soup, work on scrapbooks, decorate the tree. Tanner won't be going to school tomorrow that's for sure!

*I* am the slow-tarded one. Blogger did not fail me. I'm so sorry baby. ;)

Anyway, these are night time pics, taken from the safety of inside my house with the door open. Keep in mind I have a yellow bug light 'kay??

I think ice might officially suck. Pretty no? Suck yes?
Ah we agree.

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Sarah C. said...

I hate ice storms. They do look pretty, but are so treacherous. And we get ice more than snow where I am. Hope you all are safe and warm at home today!

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