Sunday, December 16, 2007

I give up.

So blogging isn't just all "hey life is great" right?

Bear with me while I rant.

I'm sick of Christmas. Where is that spirit I used to have as a kid. I love(d) to wrap gifts and my mom didn't, so she would have me do them all (sometimes even mine after she hid them inside of a box). I always looked forward to the Christmas shopping, buying gifts for my sisters and brothers and even my closest friends as I got older. We'd make candies and cookies and snuggle in during christmas vacation. We'd empty the downstairs closet to get to the christmas decorations and decorate every square inch of the living room and dining room not to mention miles of lights. Sounds great right?

So where did that go? I now could give a crap less about christmas anymore. I'm disappointed in myself because I've let other ppl bring down the holidays but I think I'm more disappointed in other ppl for being such a drag the past 20 years that they've ruined it for me.

Tired of getting hard ppl to buy for, and when you ask them what they want, you get the "I don't know" or "I don't want anything." That pisses me off a bunch. I want .... have to buy you something so at least give me a damn clue ok? When I do finally find something I personally think you'd like, or what was suggested, if you don't like it, just friggin say thank you. "what the hell is this" is not an appropriate response.

I'm sick of going out to shop and having ppl oblivious to anyone but themselves. Get your gd cart out of the middle of the aisle, did you not realize that there's 14 ppl trying to get through?

Don't ask me what I want, and then when I come up with a list, just spend 1/2 hour running around the store getting exactly everything on the list with no deviation, no creativity on your own. Don't boss ppl into buying what you want them to buy.

Highly annoyed at spending tons of time and money looking for the perfect gift (and doing a damn good job) and not even getting a thank you, let alone a gift in return. How about a christmas card?

Speaking of Christmas cards, I've received one. I don't think I'll send them anymore. I send out over a dozen handmade ones, and barely get half that in return. Remember when snail mail was fun? After a year of putting up with ppl, I think I earned a stamp.

And lastly, don't take away the one thing I've always enjoyed the most. Let me watch everyone open up their gifts. I would rather have nothing at all and get to spend that time watching those around me appreciate what they got (I'd like to think that I can actually still suprise someone... but I'm beginning to doubt it). Do not nag me into opening gifts while everyone else is still opening theirs. Sorry, I've been this way since birth - I'd like to pretend like it's the spirit of christmas (giving not receiving).

So next year, act surprised when you open your impersonal gift cards. I doubt I'll go to the store the entire month of december. This includes my own children. when I was little, one easter my mom gave each of us kids a $5 bill. I thought it was so much fun and different than getting a basket full of stuff. Looking back, I'm sure it was because my mom thought it would just be easier that year. I didn't figure that out for about 30 years. So hope everyone has "fun" with their walmart gift cards.

Merry freaking Christmas. Let's go celebrate the birth of baby jesus and open our ipods and graphic t-shirts.

< /rant>

PS. We got electricity back last night. It's nice to have lights again.

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em666kitten said...

Dont Give up. Dont let those around you spoil your holiday spirit, it might seem like the fmale is out, but its just dimmed a little and it needs something to bring it back shining bright. I know its hard... Trust me. Going shopping and having a bunch of rude people surrounding you, people not remembering htat its hte thought that counts, and any thought would be nice. It hard to remember what Christmas is about when there are so many people to ruin it for you, I may be young but I do know that feeling. Try not to let it get to you. Have a nice hot bath with bubbles and spend a night with your man, feel the love between the two of you and just appreciate that. Christmas is about love. Christ died for us and our sins out of love, and it is that love that we should remember during hard times... Christmas times. So curl up next to Gene, put on your favourite movie, make some popcorn, turn the christmas tree lights on and have a good love-filled night. I know your flame still burns, just gotta let it brighten up a bit. :)

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