Monday, December 10, 2007

updates schumpudates

I'm going to post several postings! It just seems easier that way.

I need to force myself to write once a week at least, it seems the longer I wait, the more there is to say/tell/do and I just put it off, making it worse!

First, my sister's house burnt down the saturday after Thanksgiving! Actually her whole apartment complex went up. All of them were ok (although a neighbor went to the hospital). Thank the lord they all got out ok. their sweet little pets did not make it tho. I know they are all really sad about that. I'm holding out hopes that the kitty made it out the door and someone has him.

They seem to be doing *ok*. They have another house (and I'll never live in an apt complex in my whole life I SWEAR - you can't rely on your neighbors not to be dumbasses).

There were some questions about whether Chris would get insurance or not, I don't know. Hoping that will work out. In the meantime, they've received a lot of help from salvation army and red cross. BLESS THEM! So in this season of wanting places to help with your money, I vote for those two!

We finally got all of Chis and Amy (the other Chris, gene's son) christmas shopping done. I swear the girls will think that Santa uses USPS now. Don't even wanna know what the shipping will be. There are THREE BOXES. I took a pic of how tight I packed those boxes. *for real* I won't need any packing materials. Damn I'm good.

OK, going to post some pics from the past few weeks in seperate posts!

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