Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ohhhhh.. the weather out side is frightful, me? i got.. a rifle.

Hey all...

Just wanted to let anyone know that was wondering about us, we're ok. We went on a little "adventure" today and drove to Red Oak Iowa to find a generator. They sold out while we were there so thank god we got there when we did! It dipped into our emergency fund, but we're going to do some rearranging and we'll be back up and running ok.

Anyway, we don't have complete power, but we do have heat and interestingly enough, we have phone and internet, but no cell phones. Kinda weird surfing the net by candlelight. Speaking of which, thanks Carol for all those candles, I have like *all* of them lit LOL.

Updating some pics I took this afternoon. I wish I had taken my camera when we went to Maryville, then Clarinda, then Red Oak, we saw a lot of stuff. Maryville was the worst really. Dave the insurance man down the street from my old house got it bad - crushed his car with a fallen branch. Good thing he's an insurance guy :)

Anyway - the pics - you can pull up the larger images, but I didn't want to resize everything so it will be BIG when you pull it up.

These are taken about 15 hours after the last ones so you can see some big differences.

Overall, we're ok. We're Blessed!

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