Monday, December 10, 2007

Vaca ya'll

Weekend after Thanksgiving, Gene and I went to Branson. I've wanted to go during Christmas for like TEN YEARS. It was fun, and nice to get away just t he two of us. Bless Gene, he was such a trooper I could tell he was hell bent on ME having a good time. Gee I love that guy. But when I could see that irriatated look on his face (cleverly masked as a grimacing smile) we moved on. It's just my way of saying "thank you" baby.

See how handsome my cowboy is? Lurve that guy. BTW, off topic for a moment. Someone at work today asked me why I had a pic of Hank Williams Jr. LOL. Gee if we only had a fraction of his cash, we would be doing glass. :)

Back to Branson - here is the train all light up coming out of the tunnel at Silver Dollar City. Suggestion... if you're going to go to branson to Silver Dollar City, go later in the day We went around 11 and I thought it was too soon, the lights didn't come on until 5:30 and the shows were so crowded we couldn't get in to any but one. Oh, and dress warm!

Here is the new tree. It's computerized to christmas music and it plays every 15 min after 5:30. Very cool. I forgot my camera that takes video! Grrupph.

Best view of the tree. God Bless America.

And what day at SDC (that's Silver Dollar City ya'll) is not complete without pickled eggs. Amusing shot, and all my christmas shopping done in one fell swoop. Quite a score.


As a child, we would go to SDC every fall and we always played the game where the first to see a SDC sign would win. Easy right?

Wrong! The glassman cheated.. it was MY FREAKING GAME! He pulls over, gets the birthday candy from Becky/David out of the trunk and dazzles me with that, then the next hill finds one. Dammit.

I had to rub his BACK for 20 min. *thanks becky* (sarcasm)

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