Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The $700.00 egg


Gene got to gather, our very first "official" egg. Yes, we've been getting eggs for a while now, but those are from chickens that we traded the ducks for.... so it was a bit like cheating.


However, our own chickens have now laid 2 eggs. Tanner calls them "fun size" (they'll get bigger). No idea who it is, as there are 18 identical barred rock hens, and several of them look like layers. I have a feeling we'll be seeing a lot of eggs coming up soon.

I once heard a saying, "the first egg is $700.00, after that they're all free." That's probably about right too.

Now, who wants the worlds smallest omelet?


gowestferalwoman said...

lol in your main pic there for a moment I thought you named your chickens before they hatched... or is it count your eggs before they hatch? im so confused on chicken metaphors...!

Congrats on those eggs - once your friends and the whole community know you have eggs and lots, everywhere you go they will be leaving you empty egg cartons lol

LisaDay said...

Congrats on your first eggs.

Way to go chickens.


Daintry said...

I love how you write! :) So cool that ya'll have eggs!!

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