Monday, August 30, 2010

ArKinSaw Walkabout

A couple weeks ago we went to Arkansas to visit Gene's son and DIL, along with his granddaughters. I realized yesterday, that I never really shared many photos of how pretty it is down there.

There are mountains, but they are Ozark mountains, not rocky type mountains. Lots of trees and beautiful scenery. I imagine it's incredibly beautiful there especially in the fall.



I can't resist tunnel photos.


One day while we were down there, my step-son, Chris, and the 2 granddaughters - Cheyenne and Madison and I all went for a ride in the Jeep. Chris took us to a couple of his favorite spots and we just sort of rode around looking for photos.


This is a place where they hang out, go swimming and fishing. A shallow, pretty little river. I can see the appeal.


Chey, walking across the river. As you can see it's fairly shallow at that time. Right after this we drove across.









I couldn't resist a photo of the red rock down south. We just don't see this in my neck of the woods. We have good old brown and gray rocks.

We're boring.

If you get opportunity, I would suggest visiting Arkansas. I'm sure there is much more beautiful stuff to see than we saw up on the north side, but it does seem like a good place to go, sit and and take in the beauty around you.

Now, back to laundry.


Miccia said...

Great pictures, as always! I've been to Northern Arkansas (The Boston Moutains) many times. It is truly beautiful country!!!

Thanks for following and commenting on my blog. There are many things I'd like to do with it, but lack the knowledge! Know of any sites that could help me out?

Glad you like my camper! She's a dream!

Junk Bonanza should be fun, but I'm afraid it may be quite expensive! At least ideas are free!!!

We need to get together sometime!!!

LisaDay said...

Beautiful shots. I love old buildings. Beautiful and sad.


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