Friday, August 6, 2010

Stuff that Rocks - Figgie Shoes


As a photographer, you want to better yourself once in a while. It's a constant learning process. In that process, I am a member of a few groups and ended up friending another photographer on Facebook - Figgie Photography.

Deborah is a very talented photographer. (To be honest, sometimes I look at her pictures before I go out on a shoot to get myself all pumped up and in *photo mode*)

Lo and behold, something popped up on my feed the other day, it was these shoes - Figgies shoes. I was so intriqued and checked it out. It turns out, that Deborah isn't just a creative photographer, she's an artist too!


{Photo courtesy Michele Bowman}

I'm so in love and want a pair of these. It's on my Christmas list!


{Photo courtesy Michele Bowman}

I'm passing it along because first off, I know many brides to be read here, and secondly, I think that creative people should be rewarded, even in just a little way in a small blog post.


Plus I want one of my dang brides to buy a pair so I can photograph them.


And fondle them.

But not in a creepy way.

PS - Deborah has also said that she would do kids shoes and non-wedding shoes. I'M SO IN! I want shoes with chickens on them. No, I'm not kidding lol.

PPS - To see more stuff that rocks (In my opinion) click the "stuff that rocks" tag at the end of this post.


Katie said...

Wow, what a cool idea! Makes me want to get married again so I can wear them! The photos of them are amazing, love the compositions!

Tracy said...

These shoes are so cool.

gowestferalwoman said...

love them!!!! I think this gal is "creative beautiful" which means she will be very successful long term...and yes, you have to get one of your brides to buy a pair so you can take some uber fantastic photos of them!!

And BTW...How are you Lana? Hope all is well and busy and good in your neck of the woods!!!

Dharma said...

Way cool! I wonder if she'd do a pair with waves and seashells ????? lol

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