Thursday, August 12, 2010

It... is.... ALIVE!

Yep, I'm still alive. Normally I don't like to go so long without updating the blog, and that was my intentions, but I'll explain where I've been.

In the meantime, I hope you bought up a lot of Figgie Shoes.

1. On Saturday night, I shot this cute couple.


They were married in the middle of a POND on a deck that the groom himself built. How cool is that? They all worked so hard on the wedding, it was obvious. More pics coming, but we have a few weddings in front of them first!

2. Sunday we went to St. Joseph to buy some school clothes for Gene's granddaughters, had some lunch at Famous Dave's - one of Gene's faves, but I could do without all the crappy blues music. Bought Tanner some school shoes, and myself a new pair of sketchers mary jane's to shoot weddings in. I need better shoes.

Came home and swam a while since it was SO HOT.

3. Sunday night I went out and took this awesome photo of the sun setting over Missouri - this is our back yard:


4. I then proceeded to take care of the chickens, give them water, set them up for bed, blah blah.

5. Monday morning early one of the roosters started crowing for the first time ever. We got up early for a road trip. Gene went out to let out the chickens and came in saying "YOU'RE NOT GOING TO BE HAPPY!!!!" with this hideous clicking noise.

I'd left my camera outside on the trunk of the car - where I'd see it before I went back inside.


I didn't see it.

I have the memory sometimes of a ... well.. a chicken.

I quickly pulled the battery and the CF card. It was really wet, setting off warning signals, clicking like mad. *sob* Fortunately, it was the back up camera and not the more expensive of the two. We were heading out the door so I figured "what the hell, why not?" and shoved it in a bag of rice, crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.

6. Drove 7 hours to see this guy:


And these girls:


This is my husband's oldest son Chris, and his three girls - Cheyenne (right), Madison (left) and Caidence (on grandpa's lap).

We really wanted them to come up to see US, but it just couldn't work out that way, which in the end would have been canceled anyway - because of the obvious bright yellow cast on Caid's leg. Or as she used to say "Lellow".

We stayed from Monday to Wednesday morning. Originally we were going to stay at a hotel, where I'd have internet, and you would have been none the wiser that I was gone, however, we decided to save a couple hundred bucks and stayed with them instead - and the only access I have to the net is on my phone.

I'm way too lazy to write posts from my phone.

Actually, I'm not smart enough to figure that out yet. :p

7. Left early Wednesday morning as everyone had to work or had Dr's appointments. We stopped at a couple antique stores along the way home and scored big. I found a Mata Ortiz piece of pottery by Nicolas Quezada valued at around $300-$500 for $32.

I also found this monkey that I really wanted to buy and give as a prize on my blog:


But who would want that hideous thing?

8. Got home last night to someone that really missed me:


Isn't it obvious? duh.

9. I was so tired, I slept 11 hours and it felt goooood.

10. I'm lucky! Tried the camera and it WORKS. NO WAY!
Rice + Electronics = BLISS

11. Now don't you regret asking me where I've been?

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Jennie said...

Beautiful picture of the wedding couple. I wish I had outdoor photos on my wedding, but it rained that day :(


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