Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just add water

I have a chicken coop.

Yeah yeah, I know, we've covered that.

However, it has a pretty decent sized run on it, so my chickies can go out and play. At least that's what I tell myself. Parts of this coop is covered with 2"x4" welded wire to keep out the critters. I am a critter advocate, unless they are eating my chickens, then said critter must die.

One critter that can get away with hanging out are spiders. Just a couple days ago, I noticed several tiny webs, with the tiniest spiders between the wires. The light was just right so I went in to grab my camera and catch the light glistening off the web.


It didn't have quite the effect I was looking for, so I turned on the hose - hid my camera from my clumsy self, stood back and sprayed ever so lightly.

The result, teeny tiny droplets on a teeny tiny web.


Just add water! It makes for beautifulf dots of bokeh everywhere. Get in close, move fast, the drops disappear quickly.


This little method works great on lots of things, especially plants. Carry a little mister bottle with you and add "dew" to any pretty plant you want to shoot. I've even heard of gently misting the front of the lens of your camera for some cool blurry/not blurry kind of shots.

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Flat Creek Farm said...

Well... how cool is that?! Thanks for the sweet tips.. I need all that I can get! :) -Tammy

Tracy said...

This is neat. My daughter takes them in the morning when they are covered with dew. But this works :)

vodkasoup.com said...

Beautiful shots of the web, and good tip with the water, thanks for sharing that tidbit!

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