Sunday, August 15, 2010

I've discovered a new habit/hobby of mine...

It's taking photos of hotel rooms.

Yes, sad I know. This past year Gene and I have traveled more than we probably have traveled most of the rest of our life. No, we're not jetting off to Cleveland or someplace equally "exotic" every weekend, but we have hit some of the local-ish highlights like Kansas City, Branson, and Omaha. All in the name of antiquing.

This past weekend, we hit Omaha. Yes, I know we JUST got back from Arkansas at the beginning of the week, but Gene returns to work next week and we wanted one last excursion. Something we discovered last year, was Priceline. Yes, I've heard of it for years, used it a couple times for flights to England back in 2000 - back when you could still get a great deal on it for flights.

But it's been awesome for hotels. We have been getting 3-4 star hotels for the price of a Motel 6 - *or less*. What we've figured out, is that we're hotel snobs. Champagne taste on a beer budget. Surprisingly, Champagne hotels will take beer money rather than no money if you book late. In fact, I've been sitting 5 minutes from the hotel I was booking, I waited so close to booking date.

So I love hotel beds - the nice ones, with the big fat comforters with mattress pads and afgans across the foot of the bed you never use. It's downright pretty - as compared to my simple quilt with 900 pillows Gene cusses at. Because of this, I've taken to capturing the bed before anyone is allowed to jump on it.

It all started back in Kansas City in December:


The Downtown Hyatt Regency, home to Skies rotating restaurant.


Doubletree downtown Omaha


Holiday Inn Suites in South Dakota.


Holiday Inn Suites in Springfield, MO


Doubletree again - Downtown Omaha

I have no idea what I plan to do with these photos - or why I have this obsession with taking them. Maybe it's a reminder to make my bed when I get home?

Which reminds me that my sheets are on the line and need to come in. Laundry anyone?

At least someone seems excited about these prospects:



gowestferalwoman said...

youre not getting gene to lift any heavy antiques there, are you Lana?

Cause like if he had to take more time off to heal, then gosh that would just be too darn bad...but he could recuperate in one of those nice double tree beds...

Kim said...

You can rate the hotel and posts pictures on

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